TOP 10 Best Indoor Playground in San Francisco

Children are naturally lively and active and like to do outdoor activities, but there are certain dangers, such as being easily sunburned or falling, and safety cannot be effectively guaranteed. Moreover, children are always full of curiosity and desire to explore. If parents are not paying attention, they may run into unsafe areas, causing danger.

In indoor playgrounds, children can have fun in a variety of colorful game facilities, while parents can rest assured that these facilities have been professionally designed and strictly inspected to ensure that children are playing in a safe environment. At the same time, there are usually professional staff on duty in the playground, ready to respond to emergencies at any time to ensure the safety of children and reassure parents.

So I’m here to recommend some fun indoor playgrounds in San Francisco.

01,Jumpity Bumpity Daly City

Address:45B Serramonte Center space 378, Daly City, CA 94015

Hours:Monday-Saturday,10a.m.-9p.m. |Friday,10a.m.-7p.m.


This indoor amusement park offers three different ticket package options, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. The first type is US$17 per child for one hour, and the second type is US$20 per child for two hours. If you want to enjoy the game for unlimited time, you can choose a ticket of US$24 per child, which allows you to play freely in the playground. Play.

There is a two-story indoor soft play structure in the playground, which provides a variety of special projects. The more distinctive features include double-layer slides and seat turntables, allowing children to increase their social skills and physical fitness during games. These facilities are especially suitable for children aged 12 and under, allowing them to play and have fun in a safe environment.

In addition, the playground also has a dedicated toddler area for children aged 3 and under. This area is designed with safer and more toddler-friendly play facilities, allowing them to play in a carefree environment, providing a pleasant place for their growth.

02,The Bounce Place – Tanforan

Address:1150 El Camino Real #141, San Bruno, CA 94066



Tickets for first child are $15 Monday through Thursday, rising slightly to $16 on Friday through Sunday and holidays. Additionally, there is an additional $5 fee for each additional child. Two adults can be brought for free, so parents can accompany their children to enjoy the fun of the playground.

The playground has a variety of special projects, including a Bounce House and Obstacle Course. These projects not only bring joy and entertainment to children, but also exercise their intellectual development and coordination skills. In the bounce house, children can jump and play to their heart’s content and experience the feeling of freedom; while in the obstacle course, they need to overcome various obstacles, challenge their abilities, and develop self-confidence and perseverance. These special programs not only allow children to have an enjoyable time but also help them develop and grow overall.

03, Safari Run, Sunnyvale

Address:1180 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085



Admission to this indoor playground is $17 per child, and during certain times, discount cards can be purchased for even better prices. This playground is recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years old and provides a variety of entertainment projects and activities.

The theme of the playground is jungle adventure, decorated with animal models such as elephants, tigers, monkeys, etc., creating a strong jungle atmosphere. The more interesting ones include climbing frames and three-person slides. These facilities not only allow children to experience the fun of adventure while playing, but also exercise their limb strength and courage. Children can feel like they are in a real jungle here, play as much as they want, and experience the excitement and fun of adventure.


Address:1424 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501




Tickets are $20 for the first child and $17 for each brother or sister. One adult is allowed for free, if an additional adult is required, there will be an additional fee of $10.

This indoor playground focuses on manual skills. A variety of arts and crafts projects can be found in the playground, including drawing boards, pottery making and building blocks. These projects are designed to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, allowing them to express their creativity and ideas through hands-on production.

In addition, the playground also has a hammock hut for children to rest and relax. There are also various books placed next to the hammock. Children can read while lying on the hammock, which can not only rest their body and mind, but also learn knowledge, providing a warm and comfortable environment for their growth.

05,KidTopia Indoor Play Center

Address:4620 Auto Mall Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538



From Monday to Friday, tickets are $16 per child and $5 for adults, with unlimited time. But on Saturdays and Sundays, ticket prices increase slightly, to $18 for children, while adults remain the same at $5 and are limited to two hours of play time.

There are a variety of special events in the playground, including a racing track. On the racing track, children can race on toy cars, stimulating the spirit of competition and enhancing interactive fun. In addition, the playground also has slides, ball pits and other interesting projects for children to enjoy.

These projects not only allow children to spend a pleasant time, but also exercise their physical fitness and develop their social skills. It is a place suitable for families and friends to enjoy together.


06,La Petite Playhouse

Address:1264 Oddstad Dr, Redwood City, CA 94063



With an admission fee of $16 per child and free admission for adults, this indoor playground offers an affordable option for families with children.

The playground covers an area of 10,000 square feet, with an undersea theme, creating a playground full of imagination and fantasy for children. The playground is equipped with a double-layered soft play structure, allowing children to explore and take risks. Among them, the huge 5-person slide attracts the attention of children, allowing them to experience excitement and happiness. In addition, the playground also has a dedicated toddler area, providing a safe and comfortable playing environment for younger children, allowing them to enjoy the game.

There is also a dedicated rest area in the playground, offering a variety of delicious food for sale. After children are tired from playing, they can go to the rest area to rest for a while, replenish energy and enjoy delicious food. This cozy seating area provides parents with a place to relax and enjoy, allowing them to rest and enjoy a meal while their children play.

07,Luv 2 Play Stockton

Address:3702 E Hammer Ln, Stockton, CA 95212



Admission fees to this indoor playground are broken down by age group. Toddlers aged 0 to 11 months are admitted free in the toddler area, while those aged 1 to 4 years old pay $17 and children aged 5 to 12 years old pay $19.95. For children or adults aged 13 and above, 2 per paid child.

The playground covers an area of 10,000 square feet and features a variety of interesting projects, including crawling tubes, slides, tunnels, etc., to exercise children’s physical fitness and endurance. In particular, there is a dedicated independent toddler area for children aged 1 to 4 years old, equipped with interactive soft play and sensory play panels and toys to stimulate children’s spirit of exploration and imagination.

The playground also has comfortable seating and dining areas, providing visitors with a place to rest and eat. Here, visitors can not only enjoy delicious food, but also enjoy TV programs, relax and provide sufficient energy for the next game.

08,Peek-a-Boo Factory SF

Address:5411 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121



Admission to the playground is $16 per child, and $12 for children under 1 year old, making the admission price relatively affordable. In addition, each child is allowed to be accompanied by one parent for free, providing families with a more convenient and economical travel option.

There are a variety of interesting games in the playground, including Ninja fitness course, four-person slide, balance beam, etc. These projects not only allow children to have fun and excitement in the game, but also exercise their physical fitness and improve their physical coordination. In particular, ninja fitness courses can stimulate children’s sports potential and cultivate their perseverance and courage by challenging various obstacles and difficulties. Projects such as the four-person slide and balance beam allow children to experience different fun and challenges and promote their physical and mental health development.

This indoor playground provides a safe, fun and challenging environment for children to play and grow healthily.

09,Kids Play Zone

Address:900 Market St Suite M, Oakland, CA 94607



Admission to the playground is $15 for the first child and an additional $12 for each additional child. Moreover, there is no time limit in the playground, so children can play as much as they want, explore and discover fun.

There are a variety of interesting games in the playground, the most interesting of which are the double slide and the large ball pit. Children can have fun on the double slide and play in the large ball pit to exercise their physical fitness and courage. In addition, the playground also has a craft station, which provides children with the opportunity to display and develop their craft skills. Through these handicraft activities, children can not only develop their hands-on skills, but also stimulate their creativity and imagination, and enjoy the fun of making.

This indoor playground provides children with a safe, fun and educational environment where they can fully develop their abilities and potential through play.

10,Swings and Wings

Address:2307 Blanding Ave Suite E, Alameda, CA 94501



Admission to the playground is $17.50 for the first child, with an additional $14.75 for each additional sibling. And you can bring two adults for free. There is no time limit on the playground, so children can enjoy their happy time.

The playground covers an area of 4,800 square feet and has a variety of play facilities. The more interesting ones include swings and climbing frames, which provide children with the opportunity to exercise their balance and limb abilities. Children can have fun playing on these facilities, experiencing challenge and fun. In addition, the playground also has fun facilities such as slides and ball pits, allowing children to release their energy and enjoy a pleasant game time.


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