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Creating happiness since 1997

KidsPlayPlay Toy, a manufacturer of custom designed indoor and outdoor play structures, has been consistently designing, manufacturing and installing all kinds of playgrounds since 1997. We have now been going for 18 years and still counting …

Safety always comes first

The safety of users is always our top priority in building our indoor playgrounds. We strictly follow major guidelines for playground safety in designing & manufacturing every play structure. Be assured that your playground will be in compliance with the World’s most comprehensive standards.

Better quality in every detail

Manufacturing a playground is much more than just putting a number of parts together. Although indoor playgrounds from different manufacturers might look quite similar, they can differ greatly in quality.

At KidsPlayPlay Toy, we use only the best materials, follow a strict manufacturing process and have creatively re-designed some traditional structures. That’s why we are able to offer you safer, durable playgrounds which will reduce maintenance costs and ensure long-term profitability.

Creative & dedicated design team

Every day we try to add something different to our designs. Our creative & experienced design team will listen to your requirements and will design an indoor playground that not only looks good but is also comfortable, safe and as much fun as possible!

Don’t worry about achieving your needs. We are ready to make endless revisions on designs until all details meet your requirements and expectations.

Support and guidance from our experts

To ensure a successful playground business, our experienced support team will provide expert guidance on everything from market research, custom design and manufacturing to continued services after installation. We will work closely with you and help make everything as easy and smooth running as possible.

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We are passionate about our design

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