TOP 10 Best Indoor Playground in Miami

Rainy and hot days are a common occurrence in Miami, which is not a good choice for children to go out. But at home, children can get bored, so indoor playgrounds are the best choice, not only can they burn all their energy, but they are also very fun.

If you’re looking, these ten places are perfect for you.

01,Marina Kids. Premium Indoor Playground at City Place Doral

Address:3535 NW 83rd Ave, Doral, FL 33122

Hours:Monday,4p.m.-5p.m. |Tuesday-Thursday,4p.m.-8p.m.|



Tickets for this indoor amusement park have different charges depending on your situation. If your children are less than 3 people, the ticket fee is $20, there is no time limit and all facilities can be played. If there are more than 3 people, the ticket fee is $15 per person. .

This is an ocean-themed indoor playground. In addition to ball pits, there are also VR game consoles, PS4/Nintendo game consoles, arcades and other play equipment, allowing children to play in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Use your imagination.

02,I Love Indoors

Address:5793 Orange Dr, Davie, FL 33314



Tickets are $15 for the first child and $12 for subsequent siblings. And the greater the number of people, the greater the discount. Groups of 5 or more people only pay $12 per person, and groups of 10 or more only cost $10 per person. There is no time limit, you can play in the playground as much as you like.

This indoor playground focuses on the cultivation of craft skills and provides children with a colorful craft platform. These craft platforms include miniature kitchens, building blocks, etc., which can stimulate children’s hands-on ability and imagination. Children can unleash their creativity here and experience the fun of handcrafting. In addition, the playground also provides reservation service, so children can learn knowledge during the hands-on production process and learn while playing, which is both interesting and fulfilling.

03, Sol Playce

Address:6807 Stirling Rd, Davie, FL 33314



Tickets are $15 per child and $12 per sibling. You can have fun in the playground for two hours.

The playground has a variety of facilities, including a long slide and a ball pit. Children can play here and enjoy the speed and excitement brought by the slides. They can also jump and play in the ball pit to exercise and strengthen their body. When the children are tired from playing, the playground also provides a reading area where they can read quietly, learn knowledge, and relax.

The playground staff are also very friendly and helpful. They are ready to provide assistance and services to guests to ensure that guests can enjoy the fun safely and comfortably.

04,The Tree House Indoor Playground & Cafe

Address:5701 Sunset Dr #355, South Miami, FL 33143



Admission to this indoor playground is $10 for children under 2 years old and $15.99 for ages 2-12. Each child is free with one adult.

The facilities in the playground are rich and diverse, among which the most distinctive ones are the teacup carousel, swings and trampolines with a capacity of 6 people. These facilities are suitable for children of different ages and provide them with a colorful play experience.

In addition, this playground maintains very high hygiene standards and the overall environment is very clean. Safety is also taken very seriously, and every facility has protective measures to ensure the safety of children. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, providing a good service experience.

05,Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe

Address:2403 NE 2nd Ave Local 107 – 108, Miami, FL 33137



For just $15 per child, you can enjoy a full day of fun. In this playground, you can find a variety of entertainment facilities suitable for children of all ages, the most distinctive of which are the building block area and the climbing wall. Children can practice their hands-on skills and limb coordination here.

What’s even more exciting is that the staff will play various anime characters and interact with the children, bringing them endless fun and surprises. This is not only a simple playground, but also a dynamic and interesting interactive experience place.

06,Planet Air Sports

Address:1950 NW 92nd Ave, Doral, FL 33172


Sunday,12 p.m.-9p.m.


Depending on the time you choose to play, the ticket prices will vary accordingly. You can choose from 1 hour for $16, 2 hours for $25, or if you want to play the whole day, tickets are $32.

This playground is suitable for all ages and has many fun activities. For example, climbing walls can exercise your limbs here. There is also bowling to play, which can exercise hand strength and aiming skills. In addition, there are other fun facilities to spend a pleasant time.

After you are tired from playing, you can go to the food area to replenish your energy, as well as coffee and other drinks. The staff are very friendly and ready to help you. The overall experience is very enjoyable.

07,Jumpin’ Jamboree

Address:6000 NW 97th Ave #1, Doral, FL 33178



Tickets for this indoor playground are only $15.99, there is no time limit, you can enjoy the fun of the playground, and it is free for adults, so parents can easily accompany their children.

Designed for children ages 6 months to 12 years old, this playground is Miami’s largest indoor playground, covering 15,000 square feet. There are many interesting amusement facilities, among which the special items include arcade game machines, obstacle training courses, etc. Arcade game machines can exercise children’s intellectual development, and obstacle training courses can improve physical endurance. In addition there are other interesting facilities.

When you feel tired, the playground also provides a snack and beverage area where you can purchase a variety of delicious snacks and beverages to enjoy a break. These thoughtful settings allow children to enjoy a happy time and create beautiful memories here.

08,We Rock The Spectrum

Address:13302 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181




This indoor playground is suitable for children of all ages, with different ticket options depending on your needs. Tickets are $25 per child and provide a full day of play time, allowing them to explore the playground’s facilities and activities. Additionally, there’s a 2-hour play option for $22, and Brothers and Sisters offers a $20 discount on tickets.

This playground focuses on children’s physical development and is equipped with many equipment to enhance children’s physical fitness. These include Zip Slider, Rope Bridge, Climbing Mountain, etc. These devices can not only improve children’s brain development, but also enhance their physical strength and whole-body coordination.

While playing, children can not only exercise, but also enjoy the fun and excitement brought by the game. This colorful game facility provides children with a challenging and fun play environment, allowing them to spend a pleasant time here and harvest beautiful memories.

09,Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Address:15625 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33196


This indoor amusement park offers a variety of ticket options to suit different visitor needs and budgets. Among them, the option with a ticket price of US$20.99 can play all the projects, and you can enjoy various exciting projects in the amusement park. The $17.99 ticket limits access to some items, but still provides a certain level of fun and experience.

The amusement park’s more distinctive attractions include Virtual Reality and Laser Tag. In the virtual reality project, tourists can put on helmets, enter the virtual world, engage in fierce battles with robots and dragons, and experience the immersive gaming fun. In the laser tag event, tourists can use their laser guns to hit the enemy team and strive for victory in an environment with obstacles and a small amount of light and smoke. These special play projects can not only bring excitement and fun to tourists, but also exercise their reaction ability and teamwork spirit, giving them an unforgettable play experience.

Overall, this indoor playground provides a variety of games and special experiences, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun and excitement brought by the games. Whether you are a tourist who wants to experience all the projects or a tourist who only wants to try some of the projects, you can find fun and challenges that suit you here.

10,Fun Games Adventure Park

Address:24420 S Dixie Hwy, Princeton, FL 33032



This indoor amusement park offers three different ticket options of $15, $20 and $30. Tickets of $15 and $20 can only play some events, and $30 tickets can play all events. Can be purchased according to your needs.

The more interesting items in the amusement park include flying cars, bumper cars and pony rides. In the speeding car project, you can experience the excitement of high-speed speeding and enjoy the combination of speed and passion. The bumper car project provides the fun of collision and racing. It is a good place for families and children to interact happily. The pony riding project is suitable for children who like to get close to animals. They can have close contact with ponies and experience the relaxation and pleasure on horseback.

In general, this indoor amusement park not only provides a variety of game projects, but also special projects such as speeding cars, bumper cars, and pony rides, bringing more choices and fun to visitors. Whether you are a tourist who wants to experience some of the projects, or a tourist who wants to enjoy all the projects, you can find a way to play here that suits you and spend a pleasant time.


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