TOP 10 Best Indoor Playground in New York

Indoor playgrounds have many advantages over outdoor playgrounds. Indoor playgrounds are not subject to weather restrictions and can provide a safe and comfortable playing environment whether it is rainy days, winter or hot summer days. In addition, indoor playgrounds are designed to be safer, and the play facilities are made of soft materials to reduce the risk of injury to children and protect their health. In addition, the indoor playground is rich in facilities to meet the needs of children of all ages, while providing novel entertainment options to increase fun.

So I’m here to recommend some fun indoor playgrounds in New York.

01,Kidz Fun Palace

Address:35-38 Junction Blvd, Queens, NY 11368

Hours:Monday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM|

Friday – Sunday & Holidays: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Admission to the playground is $15 per child, and each child is free with one adult. Play time is two hours. If additional adults are required, an additional fee of $10 will be charged for each additional adult.

The playground covers over 4,000 square feet and offers a variety of facilities. There are more than 20,000 brightly colored balls in the ball pit for children to have fun playing. The obstacle course is a padded steel structure that provides a safe environment for children to explore, allowing them to climb, swing, and find their way out of the maze. In addition, there is a dedicated toddler area for young children, which provides proportionally sized items to help them better develop their cognitive skills.

These rich facilities and safe environment provide more choices and a better experience for children to play.

02,Rainbow Castle

Address:1150 El Camino Real #141, San Bruno, CA 94066

Hours:Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM|Friday-Sunday:10:00AM-8:00PM


The amusement park offers two ticket options: regular tickets cost $20 per child for 2 hours of play, and unlimited tickets cost $32. Admission fee per child includes one accompanying adult, additional adults are $10.

The playground has spacious grounds and provides diverse facilities suitable for children of all ages. Among them, the most distinctive ones are the large ball pit and the amusement project combined with the three-person slide. Children can exercise their courage while going up and down the slide, and can also play happily with other friends in the ocean ball to increase mutual friendship. There is also a sandpit with many gadgets to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

These colorful facilities will bring children a pleasant play experience while promoting their physical and mental development.


03, The Great Story

Address:430 Huyler St, South Hackensack, NJ 07606



Amusement park prices vary depending on the time period and whether it is a holiday. The price on weekdays is $15.99 per hour, $22.99 for two hours, and $27.99 for three hours; while the weekend and holiday price is $2 more expensive than on weekdays. Additionally, there is an additional fee of $4.99 per adult.

There is a large double-layered play structure in the playground, including trampolines, ladders, slides and other interesting items, allowing children to enjoy the game. There is also a sandpit next to it, with many small tools placed in the sandpit for children to play. These colorful facilities can not only exercise children’s physical fitness, but also stimulate their creativity and imagination, giving them a pleasant play experience.

04, Catch Air Hasbrouck

Address:69 NJ-17, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604



Ticket prices for this indoor playground vary depending on the age of the child and the time of play. On weekdays, tickets are $14.99 for children under 1, while siblings can enter for free, and children under 2 are priced at $14.99. Tickets for children ages 3 and older are $24.99. On weekends and holidays, the ticket price is slightly higher than US$1 on weekdays. Tickets are $7.99 for adults.

The indoor playground is space-themed and decorated with many planet and alien decorations, creating a fantasy space atmosphere. One of the special items is to shoot aliens with toy guns. Children can practice their aiming skills and experience the excitement of confronting aliens. The playground also has a variety of electronic games, slides, trampolines, ball pools and other colorful game projects, suitable for children of all ages, allowing children to have fun.

There is also a snack bar in the playground. When children are tired from playing, they can provide them with delicious snacks and drinks so that they can rest and regain their strength. This space-themed indoor playground creates a world full of fun and surprises for children to spend a pleasant time on space adventures.

05, Xtreme Energy

Address:250 S Van Brunt St, Englewood, NJ 07631

Hours:Tuesday-Friday,3:30 PM -8:00PM|Saturday-Sunday,10:30AM-8:00PM


Admission to this indoor playground is $25 per child and allows two hours of play, with one accompanying adult free of charge. Specially, children under 1 year old can enter for free. If an additional adult is required, there is an additional fee of $9.

The playground has a variety of special projects, including Rock Climbing, Trampoline and Ropes Course. The rock climbing project aims to exercise children’s psychological quality and enhance their whole-body coordination, allowing them to challenge themselves, overcome fear, and cultivate courage during the climbing process. The trampoline project can exercise children’s balance ability and allow them to feel their body coordination and flexibility during jumping. The rope course project allows children to learn to adjust their center of gravity and build self-confidence through rope suspension.

These special projects not only allow children to experience excitement and challenges, but also promote their physical and mental health and overall development.

06, Playland Woodbridge

Address:250 Woodbridge Center Dr Floor 1, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095

Hours:Monday-Thursday,11:00 AM -8:00PM|Friday,10:00AM-9:00PM|



Admission to this indoor playground is $20 per child, and each child can enter for free with an adult. Re-entry is allowed and access to the playground can be enjoyed throughout the day and play to your heart’s content without time restrictions.

The playground is themed with a jungle, creating a mysterious and interesting jungle atmosphere through decorative elements such as green grass and jungle animal decorative cards. The playground is equipped with a double-layer facility structure, which contains a variety of interesting projects such as slides, ball pits, and single-plank bridges. These projects not only allow children to have fun in games, but also exercise their physical fitness and develop their various skills. For example, by climbing slides and crossing single-plank bridges, children can exercise their sense of balance and coordination, and enhance their physical fitness and confidence.

The entire playground provides a safe and fun playing environment for children, allowing them to enjoy the game while exploring the jungle.

07, Fairytale Island

Address:7110 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Hours:Sunday-Thursday,10:00 AM -7:00PM|Friday-Saturday,10:00AM-8:00PM


Admission to this indoor playground is $22 per child. If there are 3 or more children, it is $20 per person. Each child can bring one adult for free. Additional adults will cost an additional $5. You can play for two hours.

There are some popular play items in the playground, such as the Seed pit, which uses herbal seeds to simulate a “sand pit” and is more hygienic. It contains sand buckets, toy shovels, toy trucks, water play, Sandboxes and other interesting toys are available for children to use. Children can use their imagination and enhance their hands-on skills here. Kids Shopping Center is used to teach children about food, identify product names, colors, and prices, and teach children about daily life in an easy-to-understand way. Children can not only learn knowledge here, but also interact with other children to enhance friendship.

08, Kids N Action

Address:1149 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Hours:Sunday-Thursday,11:00 AM -6:00PM|Friday,11:00AM-2:00PM|



Tickets for this indoor playground are $13 per child on weekdays, and $15 per child on weekends and holidays. General admission tickets can only access some of the items. If you want to access all items, you need to pay an additional $13. There is also an additional charge of USD 8 per adult.

The indoor playground is very large and has many different play facilities. The more interesting facilities include roller coasters, bumper cars and trains. Roller coasters are very exciting and interesting. Children can exercise their courage and courage by riding roller coasters. On the bumper cars, children can collide with other children and experience different fun, while also enhancing their self-confidence and friendship. You can also choose to take a train for a sightseeing break and enjoy the scenery of the entire amusement park, which is not only very relaxing but also fun.


09, Just Kidding playground

Address:1267 Forest Ave 2nd floor (205-210, Staten Island, NY 10302



Tickets to the playground are $25 per child and are good for 2 hours. If you want to continue playing, there is an additional fee of $10 for each additional hour. Tickets include an accompanying adult. If you wish to add an additional adult, there is an additional fee of USD 10 for each additional adult.

This indoor playground has some unique projects. The first is a large trampoline area, where children can jump to their heart’s content, not only releasing energy in joy but also exercising. Next is the ball pit. There are many ocean balls in the ball pit. Children can throw ocean balls to each other with other children in the ocean of ocean balls. It is not only fun but also enhances friendship. There is also a sandpit with many tools, where children can use tools to use their imagination and improve their hands-on skills.

10, Complete Playground

Address:30 Broad St, New York, NY 10004



Tickets to the playground are $50 per child for two hours, and each child can bring an adult for free.

This indoor playground is very spacious, covering an area of 40,000 square feet, and has a variety of play items suitable for children of all ages. Some of the more interesting play facilities are the obstacle course, which is a popular feature that allows children to challenge themselves, exercise their physical fitness and enhance their self-confidence. The bounce house and tunnel provide a place for children to bounce and explore happily, which can improve children’s physical coordination and courage. In addition, the playground is also equipped with electronic interactive game equipment, allowing children to learn while playing, making the game more interesting.


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