Children funny forest indoor play equipment

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Code: KP22293

Size(CM): 1300*800*300

Size(FT): 42.65*26.25*9.84

Children funny forest indoor play equipment

Appearance features:

This is a forest-themed double-layer indoor play equipment constructed from galvanized iron pipes. Yellow and green foam boards are alternately arranged to form the floor.

Play area:

As soon as you enter the indoor play equipment,On the second level, there are seven brown wooden (plastic) windows and decorative leaves and vines. The second-floor is located only on the four sides of the rectangular area, with only a net tunnel connecting the two sides.

Therefore, the center of the first floor is a very wide area without any metal poles. Various children toys are placed here, including caterpillar tunnels, animal rockers, space hopper and giant cubic dice.
After ascending to the second floor via the rainbow stairs, taking a walk around the perimeter of the rectangular area is a nice option. Children will encounter some cone obstacles and a boxing bag with two cantilevers to increase hindrance in the corners.

After crossing the V-rope bridge, they can also choose to slide directly to the first floor via a spiral slide or enter the other side of the second floor, where they will face more challenging obstacles.
First, they must cross a V-shaped mountain woven by net and two cone obstacles, then the children will encounter two punching bag with teal, beige, and violet striped and a V-shaped suspension bridge made of tires.

Then they should pass through a straight tunnel and two rows of hanging punching bags in the corner. Next to the punching bags is a triple wavy slide that leads to the first floor directly , where kids compete to find out who gets to the ground first.

Continuing along the path, they can either descend to the first floor via the triangular staircase or choose to climb through an arched tunnel, a straight tunnel, and a V-shape hanging disc bridge to return to the starting point—the rainbow staircase.


This kind of middle indoor play equipment is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

KidsPlayPlay is certified by CE, TUV,IPEMA.

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Product Details:

Code KP22293
Dimension 1300*800*300cm
Dimension 42.65*26.25*9.84 ft
Squre Meter 104㎡
Squre Feet 1119ft
Capacity 35
Volume 52m³
Weight 3120KGS


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