Affordable kids woodland Indoor play center

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Code: KP22154

Size(CM): 1600*970*350

Size(FT): 52.49*31.82*11.48

Affordable kids woodland Indoor play center

Appearance Features:

The most notable feature of this kids woodland Indoor play center is a left side ball pit that enclosed by plastic stumps. A wavy triple slide, nestled between two brown small wooden cabins, extends from the second floor into the ball pool.

Play Area:

The first floor indoor play center  is painted with patterns of rivers and grasslands to enhance the forest theme. The ground is also scattered with various types of rockers, such as caterpillars, cars, and pony rockers.

On its right side, there is a coconut tree carousel. The center of it features a pole shaped like a coconut tree, and spherical seats hang from the canopy. Walking towards the right side of the play center, which is next to the entrance, kids will find the double-story entrance of the playground.

Here, there’s a green and yellow two-story country house with an awning over the windows, and its ground floor is made into a mini trampoline. Next to the trampoline is a triangular staircase.

There are two paths for kids to choose. If kids enter the first floor, they must pass through an area with hanging sandbags to reach the bottom of the slide. If they enter the second floor, kids need to pass through a green forest cabin with a triangular roof and a tunnel made of colorful ropes to arrive at the top of the ball pit.

Kids can slide into the ball pit through the central wavy slide or enter the ball pool through a tunnel slide next to it. Inside the cabin, a rainbow ladder connects the ball pit with the second floor of the building. A projector is installed on the ceiling above the ball pit, allowing children to watch cartoons while playing in the ball pit.


This kind of large indoor play center is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

KidsPlayPlay is certified by CE, TUV,IPEMA.

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Product Details:

Code KP22154
Dimension 1600*970*350cm
Dimension 52.49*31.82*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 155㎡
Squre Feet 1671ft
Capacity 52
Volume 78m³
Weight 4656KGS

Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale

Production Description

1. Steel pipe

Product use: galvanized pipe, also known as galvanized steel pipe, hot The galvanized galvanized layer is thick,

with uniform coating and good adhesion Strong, long service life and other advantages.

The total mass of the galvanized layer on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe shall not be less than 300 grams

Tube wall thickness 1.5-3.5mm

product-602-420 product-263-300product-245-298
2. Clamps

Product use: They are made of galvanized steel with powder-coating to prevent from rusting.

Quality comply with GB/T3091-2001 standard


3. Platform

Kidsplayplay Toy platforms are completely wrapped in EPE Pearl Cotton and sponge covered with the PVC tarpaulin.

So the platforms are soft and safe enough. Made by wood with thickness 20 mm, covered by 50mm foam which complied with GB 6675-2003 standard.


4. Foam Noodles

The foam noddles with high density EPE material with glossy bright PVC vinyl/matt foam.

The PVC vinyl is UV-resistant even in sunlight to be durable and stronger. lt is fire resistance.Fireproof Materials


5. Cable ties

Kidsplayplay Toy cable ties are higher quality nylon and thickness is 9.0mm .

lt is complied with UL Flammability test in North American market.

product-695-436product-545-286Fireproof Materials

6. Plastic balls

The plastic balls are made of eco-friend v We have passed Reach certification in European marke To

prevent kids from swallowing based in EN 1176 safety standard , we make all the balls 55mm and 80mm diameter.


7. Protection Nets

Notal the protection nets are the same! KIDSPLAYPLAY protection nets are tightly knitted and certified to be used in even for outdoor sports.


8. Flooring mat

The flooring mat size 100*100cm thickness is 20mm. Non-toxic and eco-friendly complied with ASTM standard.It is fire resistance.

Fireproof Materials


9. Tie Rope

To fix the protect net on the Galvanzied steel pipe


10.Plastic Parts

Material:LLDPE(food grade ,Non-toxic)

720 degre heatig molding by rotomoulding furnace,product thickess-6-8mm,


11.Soft Parts

soft parts including kids soft play toys,structure platforms,play obstacles,ball pit

soft parts made with wood,foam,PVC differet accessories have different thickness

of wood and foam sharp and corner part use bumper strip

platform:2.0cm wood+3.0cm foam+PVC kidsplayplay toys: 22cm foam+PVC


12.Net Rope Parts

webbing width:5cm(different usage,slightly different thickness)


13.Net Rope Structure

customized height ,diameter

Roof ceiling connection

Ground steel pipe support


14.Gun Games

A complete gun game set including guns,Air compressor,soft foam balls


15.Fibreglass (Fiber reinforced plastic)

it has 2 equipment made with fibreglass,Fibreglass slides and fibreglass decoration board





17.Electric Equipment

suitable for toddlers



Materia:German beech,water-based paint

Can be installed on steel shelves or fixed to the wall


19.Interactive Equipment


20.Ball Pool Games


21.Climbing Structure





steel frame:black carbon steel

jumping mat:PP mash with double layers import from US and Italy

Spring:Galvanized 65 maganese


24.Other Play Equipment


Free Design

1.Send us the space CAD drawing and building surrounding

2.Tell us your idea and detailed requests




1.We provide 2D+3D installation instruction drawing

2.Based on 2D+3D installation instruction drawing,we can send technician to

your location assist to install all equipment with paid work.


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