Mini custom teen timberland indoor soft playground

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Code: KP22035

Size(CM): 500*500*300

Size(FT): 16.40*16.40*9.84

Mini custom teen timberland indoor soft playground

Appearance Features:

A small treehouse is a piece of children’s play equipment that every family desires. It can be perfectly integrated into the living room. Children exercise balance, strength, and agility through climbing, jumping, and playing.

Its double-level frame is made of orange galvanized steel tubes. A white safety net ensures that children will not fall while playing. The top beam of timberland indoor soft playground is covered with lush vines and leaves.

Play Area:

The first thing you see at the entrance is a naughty monkey with a smile to greet the children, sitting under a window with an orange and white canopy. Passing through the archway next to the monkey, you will come to a blue trampoline.

Here you will enjoy the thrill of overcoming gravity. A triangular ladder leads to the core area of the timberland indoor soft playground—the second floor, where there is a double slide leading to the first floor’s ball pit. Above the slide is a sign that reads “Treehouse Forest” and a green dinosaur peeking out of the bushes.

Children can not only lie in the ball pit, but they can also practice basketball shooting with soft balls here. If they tire of the ball pit, a staircase with yellow and white steps extending to the second floor allows them to return to the second level.


This mini timberland indoor soft playground is perfect for kindergarten, supermarkets, restaurant, home and more.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in making children’s indoor soft playground.

KidsPlayPlay is certified by CE, TUV,IPEMA.

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Product Details:

Code KP22035
Dimension 500*500*300cm
Dimension 16.40*16.40*9.84 ft
Squre Meter 25㎡
Squre Feet 269ft
Capacity 8
Volume 13m³
Weight 750KGS


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