Large kids ice age indoor soft play area with lego blocks

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Code: KP22250

Size(CM): 4500*1800*350

Size(FT): 147.64*59.06*11.48

Large kids ice age indoor soft play area with lego blocks

Appearance Features:

This is a large, ice and snow-themed indoor soft play area with a wide space and many interesting projects. The most special one has a large building block area.On the left side of the indoor soft play area is the building block paradise. First, children enter the building block area through the building block gate.

Play Area:

There are building block dolls, building block cars, and building block houses made of building blocks. There are many building blocks scattered on the ground.Building blocks can cultivate children’s imagination and creativity.After leaving the building block area, we came to the baking house.

There are two yellow tables and blue seats with various crafts and plasticine placed on them. Children can pinch out the food they want here, which can stimulate children. their interest and hobbies in food.In front of the baking house is a small plot of land covered with beige carpet and surrounded by wooden fences. There is a white and blue circular decoration in it.

There are swings and seesaws around for children to play, which can be a good way to increase the number of children. Children’s physical coordination ability.There is a slide surrounded by blue bricks in front of the small plot, with stairs on both sides for children to move up and down. On the slide, children can exercise their physical fitness and self-confidence.

Then we came to our ice and snow theme park. There were two snowmen at the door to welcome the children. As soon as you enter, you will find a yellow arch bridge in front, with a simulated frozen river below. Children can stand on the bridge and enjoy the scenery.

There is a white bear-head-shaped merry-go-round on the left side of the arch bridge. Children sit on various mounts, slowly rotating and using the handrails on the high platform.

There are also toy cars next to them that can be ridden, which can be a good exercise for them. Balance and physical coordination in sports.Then you can go to the second floor through the stairs. Children can choose to go left or right.

If you walk to the left, you will come to the balloon pool. There are balloons of various colors here and there is a large platform inside. Here, children can not only overlook the entire indoor soft play area, but also interact and play with other children.

Go to the right and pass through a small corridor. Above the small corridor are hanging “Ice and Snow Theme Park” pendants, as well as white bears and blue clouds.Go through the small corridor to the three-person slide, which has an eaves composed of four windows. The children slide down the slide to the ocean ball pit.

The ocean ball pit not only has ocean balls but also a long obstacle course. Children can not only play in You can also play on the slides here and have fun in the ocean pool, which can be a good exercise for children’s social skills and physical fitness.

Coming to the area on the right, this is the rest area, which has a water bar, storage room, and parent rest and massage area. The seats here all have massage functions and are very comfortable.

In addition, there are video game machines and drawing boards for children to play, and there are mini bumper cars in the blue cabin next to it. Here, children can not only have fun but also get adequate rest.


This kind of large indoor soft play area is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

KidsPlayPlay is certified by CE, TUV,IPEMA.

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Product Details:

Code KP22250
Dimension 4500*1800*350cm
Dimension 147.64*59.06*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 810㎡
Squre Feet 8719ft
Capacity 270
Volume 405m³
Weight 24300KGS


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