Commercial preschooler treehouse indoor play area

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Code: KP22090

Size(CM): 1000*650*320

Size(FT): 32.81*21.33*10.50

Commercial preschooler treehouse indoor play area

Appearance Features:

This is a small indoor play area combining a castle and treehouse theme. Its main structure is a two-story frame built from brown galvanized steel pipes. On the second level are four castle towers with battlements. Not only are there three palm trees at the top, but ivy also grows abundantly from the first to the second floor along the frame.

Play Area:

At the entrance of the indoor play area is an area pieced together with purple and green square foam boards, featuring a blue caterpillar tunnel, a yellow rocking horse, and an orange seesaw. Children can enter the indoor playground building through multiple entrances on the first floor. Directly in front of the entrance is a 96-square-foot ball pool (with green, yellow, and brown balls) located inside a treehouse. To the left of the entrance is a room with a 67-square-foot blue border trampoline where 3-4 children can jump and play simultaneously.

Next to the trampoline is a triangular staircase leading to the second floor. After passing through a straight tunnel woven by a plastic net and a V-shaped rope bridge, children arrive above the ball pool. Here, two rows of colorful punching bags are hung (blue and white, purple and white, pink and white, and orange and white vertical stripes). They can either punch and kick the punching bags or slide directly into the ball pit along the orange double straight slide. Next to the slide is a ramp leading to the second floor. It has some beetles and heart patterns which are served as decoration or grips for children to climb.


This kind of mini indoor play area is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

KidsPlayPlay is certified by CE, TUV,IPEMA.

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Product Details:

Code KP22090
Dimension 1000*650*320cm
Dimension 32.81*21.33*10.50 ft
Squre Meter 65㎡
Squre Feet 700ft
Capacity 22
Volume 33m³
Weight 1950KGS


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