Top 5 most interesting indoor playground & play space in Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is not only famous for Hollywood and beautiful beaches, but it also has a range of charming indoor playgrounds & play space that provide a variety of entertainment for families. Whether you’re looking for an educational, interactive experience or simply a fun time, Los Angeles’ indoor play spaces have you covered. Here are 5 most popular indoor playgrounds:

Indoor playground: Kids Empire

electric toy car in kidsempireAddress: 1889 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833


The scale of this indoor playground is astonishing. Not only does it have traditional inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and climbing mazes, but it also offers electric cars for children. Even without a driver’s license, you can experience the joy of driving indoors. Children freely assemble any structure they desire with lego blocks in the toy bricks zone. The top of the indoor playground features a mini soccer field covered with green artificial turf, where children play soccer and overlook the entire park. Kids Empire has a separate room for a small dance floor. When dynamic music plays and various patterns were projected by light , it provides an atmosphere similar to a nightclub, accessible even to those underage.

Kids Empire offers private rooms for your birthday parties. For just $30 per child, they provide cake, pizza, fruit, candy, and gift bags for birthday celebrations. It’s no wonder this facility has become a preferred destination that offers hours of enjoyment for birthday parties and fun.

Indoor play space: My Gym Koreatown

Address: 3959 Wilshire Blvd a211, Los Angeles, CA 90010 

toddler hanging on the high bar, My Gym Koreatown

This is an indoor playground that combines fitness and fun for children. It offers a wide range of exercise equipment suitable for kids: mini swings with toddler safety seats, mini monkey bars and parallel bars for kids, and shorter plastic rock climbing walls for preschoolers. There’s no need to worry about your child being confused, as the instructors will guide children’s activities. My Gym also offers a wide range of interactive courses, including ninja obstacle training.

Indoor play space: Billy Beez – Anaheim

Address: 24201 Valencia Blvd Unit 2380, Valencia, CA 91355 slide in bill beezAs its name suggests, Billy Beez is a forest bee-themed indoor playground decorated with huge plastic palm trees and bee models. Your child enjoy an unforgettable adventure here, and spand a day filled with laughter, excitement and exploration in a vast indoor jungle spanning 25,000 square feet. Billy Beez offers various playground equipments for boys, girls, teenagers, and adults, such as wave slides, enclosed crawling tunnels, a ballistics arena and obstacle courses.

Kids can play basketball in an indoor mini basketball court, such as dunk and three-point shooting.

Billy Beez also features a soft play area specifically designed for bady under 3 years old. Parents can bring their little ones to exercise and enhance social skills. At Billy Beez, you can book a venue for birthday parties and customize your requirements. You are allowed entry to the playground on the day of the party freely. Military, police and firefighters receive ticket discounts.

Indoor playground: Adventure Plex – Manhattan Beach

Address: 1701 Marine Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

rock climbing wall in Marine Ave, Manhattan Beach


Adventure Plex is an indoor and outdoor playground for kids, teenager. It features a five-story indoor play structure made of metal frames and ropes. Its walls and most of the floor are woven from rope, offering better lighting than playgrounds constructed from plastic panels. It includes various challenging soft obstacles, sandbags, rope crawling passages and bridges. The top floor of the building houses a room dedicated to an indoor pretend supermarket complete with plastic vegetables, fruits, and canned goods. Children can simulate shopping and paying at the supermarket. Next to the supermarket is a room for crafts or reading. The pretend kitchen with sinks, refrigerators, ovens and cabinets, a must-visit for children, is used to enhance culinary skill. The dance room with mirrors offers various dance classes, including weekly ballet and modern dance.

Offering outdoor adventure courses is one of its most distinctive features. These courses include an outdoor rope course and rock climbing. A portion of the building’s exterior wall has been transformed into a 1,630 sq. ft concrete climbing wall. Children secured with safety ropes are allowed to challenge a 35-foot cliff here. In the garden, children learn how plants grow and taste these fresh foods (which are directly used to make salads), including tomatoes, corn, peppers, onions, lettuce, artichokes, eggplant, cucumber, strawberries, cantaloupe, basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, cilantro, and thyme.

Indoor play space: We Play Loud – Lake Forest

Address: 7470 Edinger Avenue Huntington Beach, CA

merry go around in We Play Loud – Lake Forest

This is a candy-themed indoor play center for preschooler and teenager. It is divided into three areas: the main play area, toddler area, and party room. The main play area is a two-story play structure that includes trampolines, wave slides, tunnel slides and V-bridges. The most distinctive feature is an air cannon that can vertically launch soft balls that are placed at the bottom of the device.

The soft toddler play area is designed specifically for children aged 2-6. The three-colored dolphin merry-go-round, lollipop merry-go-round, lollipop swings, banana and dolphin rockers are children’s favorites. Unique attractions include a mini hill and airplane rocking riders. When children enter the airplane and sit down, the uneven force causes the plane to sway left and right, as if they are flying in the sky with high-speed. Children climb the mini hill through two paths, either stepping up or grabbing plastic handles embedded in the hillside to reach the top.

The 500 square feet party room can accommodate up to 55 people and can host 4-5 small parties simultaneously. Each party is customized according to your needs. The staff will arrange every detail of the party for you, allowing you to focus on playing.


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