Outdoor playground set for sale

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Code: TQ-ZR214

Dimension: 700*600*380 CM/ 22.97*19.69*12.47 FT

Square: 42M² 452 FT²

Outdoor playground set for sale

Provides: spiral slide, double slide, single slide, roller wall, net rope tunnel, climbing pole.

Nature series! A small outdoor playground with six ways of playing, a low-cost and economical product that can accommodate 10-20 children to play together.

We can see that the main colors of this outdoor playground are yellow, green, and blue. The top is decorated with models in the shape of bean sprouts and lotus leaves. The shape of the slide also refers to the appearance of animals.

Children can use climbing poles to exercise upper limb strength and promote the growth of arm muscles. There are also net rope tunnels in the product to make children’s bodies more flexible. There are also three different types of slides to meet the different preferences of children. You can enjoy the joy of a single slide alone, or you can use a double slide with your friends.

Or you are a very brave child, and you are willing to try the exciting spiral slide, which can bring you great joy.There are also roller walls here, you can make them spin quickly, which is very interesting.

This small outdoor children’s playground is perfect for family backyards, small parks, apartments, restaurant entrances, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.

Code TQ-ZR214
Dimension 700*600*380cm
Dimension 22.97*19.69*12.47 ft
Square Meter 42㎡
Square Feet 452ft
Capacity 14
Volume 11m³
Weight 550KGS


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