Large Outdoor Playground Set

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Code: KP-CB201215

Size(CM): 1930*820*560/158㎡

Size(FT): 63.32*26.90*18.37/ 1703ft

Large Outdoor Playground Set

Provide: horizontal ladder, three-way slide, 720-degree slide, ordinary slide, climbing channel, disc stairs, tunnel.

Come on, friends! This is a brand new Large Outdoor playground set, with a double-layer structure, a large number of castle elements on the exterior wall, and some tree-shaped decorations. The overall style is castle-like, and each dome simulates the appearance of a castle.

You can start from the slide on the left, climb the horizontal ladder or the stairs next to it to the first floor, which is the starting point of the three-way slide. Sliding down is like flying! Three children can compete to see who slides faster!
Then, we can climb the stairs, which are made of red and white bricks, and come to the castle-like place on the second floor. There are many tunnels there, and we can go in, just like explorers. There must be many secrets waiting for us to explore in the castle.
Those colorful ceilings look like candy houses, very beautiful! Oh! There is also a very high spiral slide on the second floor. We can spin down quickly from it. It feels so exciting!
I also found some swaying bridges and climbing ropes, which are very interesting. We can swing on them like little monkeys.
I found an independent space on the second floor. There are windows on the walls here. I can clearly see every place outside! Come and play with me, I promise you will like everything here!


Code KP-CB201215
Dimension 1930*820*560cm
Dimension 63.32*26.90*18.37 ft
Squre Meter 158㎡
Squre Feet 1703ft
Capacity 53
Volume 70m³
Weight 3500KGS


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