kids Outdoor play area equipment

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Code: TQ-ZR275-1
Dimension: 1340*450*385 CM / 43.96*14.76*12.63 FT
Square: 60M² / 649 FT²

kids Outdoor play area equipment

Offers: single slide, double slide, swing, climbing pole, suspension bridge, tunnel, bridge.

This is a medium-sized kids Outdoor play area equipment, decorated with leaves, trees, monkeys, and pillars. This natural series of products is fully functional and affordable, and is very popular with children and investors.

The swing is on the far left, with two seats, connected to the double slide, and children can use it at the same time. Then we went through a narrow pipe to another platform.

We looked up and saw a monkey sitting on the door frame made of pillars, as if smiling at us. Below is a slide tube, which is very fun. Next to it is a bridge, and you can see two projects after walking across it.

One is a wave slide, which is very bumpy and fun to slide down. Next to it is a challenging suspension bridge to exercise children’s balance. Children can also exercise their arm muscles and body coordination on the climbing pole.


This kind of middle outdoor playground is very suitable for kindergarten, schools, supermarkets, daycare and nursery, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code TQ-ZR275-1
Dimension 1340*450*385cm
Dimension 43.96*14.76*12.63 ft
Square Meter 60 m²
Square Feet 649 ft
Capacity 20
Volume 14 m³
Weight 700KGS


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