Cool game indoor kids play structure for sale

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Code: 1224

Size(CM): 1000*750*360

Size(FT): 32.81*24.61*11.81

Cool game indoor kids play structure for sale

This is a medium-sized indoor play structure, mainly purple in color. The most distinctive project of the entire indoor play structure is the ball pit.

Once you enter the indoor play structure, you can first see many rocking horses and toy cars, which children can use to exercise their riding ability and body balance.

Then come to the trampoline, where children can exercise their jumping ability and body balance.

After playing, come to the ball pit on the side. There are many small balls in the ball pit, and children can roll happily in it. There is also a ball frame in the ball pit. Children can throw small balls into the ball frame to exercise their aiming ability.

Then come to the slope on the left, where children can play up and down repeatedly to improve their physical fitness and endurance.

Then go to the second floor through the stairs and come to the corridor. Children can overlook the entire indoor play structure here, where they can rest and communicate with other children to enhance friendship.

Then come to the single-plank bridge, where children can use it to exercise their balance. Use the single-plank ball to come to the crawling pipe to exercise crawling ability. There are also arch bridges and obstacles waiting for children to challenge, which can enhance children’s self-confidence and courage.

This kind of middle indoor playground is very suitable for kindergarten, schools, supermarket, daycare and nursery, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code 1224
Dimension 1000*750*360cm
Dimension 32.81*24.61*11.81 ft
Squre Meter 75㎡
Squre Feet 807ft
Capacity 19
Volume 38m³
Weight 1875KGS


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