How to build a profitable kids indoor playground?

Although indoor children’s playgrounds indeed represent a profitable venture, there are also instances of significant losses. This article mainly analyzes the steps involved in opening a large indoor playground, while also considering smaller indoor playgrounds to some extent.

Determine Your Focus: a large kids indoor playground or a smaller one.

Their operation modes vary significantly. Large or even mega kids indoor playgrounds not only offer numerous play activities but can also host parties, craft classes, and dance lessons, thereby generating substantial profits. They are typically located in places with high foot traffic and spacious areas, such as gyms and shopping centers. Sometimes, businesses might rent an entire building to establish a comprehensive indoor play center. A significant initial investment is required, including the purchase of large play equipment, hiring staff, and leasing premises. Wages and rent, in particular, represent ongoing annual expenses.

Smaller indoor playgrounds with limited operational funds can be launched more swiftly. However, their most significant disadvantages are fewer attractions and limited space. As such, they are often considered supplementary to other commercial activities. For example, setting up a mini children’s play center in a McDonald’s restaurant to enhance the its appeal.

Choosing a Theme for Your Children Indoor Playground

sport theme indoor playground

Every indoor play center has a theme. Selecting a good, appealing theme is the first step to success. Currently, popular themes include ocean, forest, space, candy, city, and ice and snow. It’s essential to research the local market and understand the local culture and customs. For example, if space-themed indoor playgrounds are very popular locally, this indicates a viable market for such a theme, and you might consider adopting it. The chosen theme should be significantly different from the local environment, as the playground’s simulated setting cannot compete with local real-life experiences. Opening an ice and snow-themed indoor play center in tropical areas or an ocean-themed indoor park in the desert are excellent choices. A forest theme could be universally appealing because city children who are distanced from nature may wish to experience a forest journey safely and effortlessly. Completing a real forest adventure requires joining a professional team, and the unknown risks are unbearable for both children and parents.

Location Selection for kids Indoor Play center


The choice of location is crucial for any business venture. It’s best to choose a location with high foot traffic. Large shopping malls, with their significant flow of visitors and concentrated target customer groups, are ideal locations for indoor playgrounds. Alternatively, setting up near well-known fast-food restaurants could be a smart choice. These major brands have already analyzed foot traffic before opening their establishments, so you can refer to their findings to make a suitable decision for your indoor play center.

Besides these traditional, bustling areas, you might consider a region you deem promising. Here are some steps you need to follow:

Check for Competition: Investigate whether there are already similar businesses in the area. If so, it’s probably not a good idea to open another playground there.

Monitor Foot Traffic: Count the daily foot traffic, especially during school holidays, as children have a lot of free time during these periods. If foot traffic is generally low during these times, it might not be the right place.

Consider Diestance to City Center: The distance from the city center, and whether there are places that attract crowds, such as bustling communities, schools, shopping centers, sports halls, and train stations, should also be taken into account.

Because this is not a traditional location, you will need to expend extra effort to demonstrate its feasibility. If necessary, seek assistance from professional agencies.

Purchase and Installation

If manufacturers in your country can produce amusement equipment, you should prioritize negotiating with them. There’s nothing more suitable than face-to-face communication and viewing samples firsthand. You might also consider suppliers from China. They can offer more reasonable prices, more attractive designs, and one-stop services. They have professional designers to customize various toys and equipment for you and professional engineers to come to your country to install the playground equipment. Once the contract is signed and the payment is made, you can comfortably await the completion of your indoor play center.

Advertising and Promotion

Once your indoor children’s playground is built, it’s time to start operations. Besides the organic traffic brought by a bustling location, you should invest more in advertising to quickly promote your project. Create a beautiful website for your playground to attract traffic on search engines like Google and Bing. You need to write detailed blogs about the attractions of the playground and take photos and videos. Publish this content on your website and social media.

Offline Methods
Newspapers and TV are still the traditional platforms that get a lot of traffic, so don’t forget to buy space in local newspapers for your advertisements. It’s best to launch some activities to attract customers, such as ticket discounts, free gifts for every visitor, or discount coupons for their next visit. The promotional ideas for television programs are similar.

Target customers for indoor playgrounds are students, so a quick way to gain customers is by distributing flyers at schools and kindergartens.

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