Intermediate Dog Course

Item No.: KP-XGLY005
Use Zone
45' x 50' suggested
Our moderate difficulty course offers six (6) activities to complete your dog playground area. Through play dogs can begin to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more.

Dog Park Kit contains (1) each of the following Dog Park Equipment:

Rover Jump Over
Hoop Jump
Doggie Crawl
"Paws" Table
King of the Hill
Stepping Paws
This course featuresCanineCoat- a thermoplastic coating on the steel walking surfaces that come in contact with dogs' paws. This unique coating is:

Slip resistant
Durable, resistant to vandalism
All-weather, UV protection
Urine resistant

While the designs are based on popular obstacles,our Dog Park Equipment has been developed for use by dogs of all abilities and confidence levels.
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