Dog Park Amenities Drinking Fountain w/ Pet Fountain

Item No.: KP-XGLYPJ013

This Drinking fountain has a pet height drinking fountain attached to the bottom - because pets get thirsty too! Designed to defy the elements, resist vandals and stand up to hard use. Appropriate for use in dog parks, public parks or any high traffic area where people bring there pups! Designed to comply with ADA requirements and withstand the roughest conditions.

Standard features include:

  • Pet fountain attachment, with slow drain for easier pet hydration
  • A heavy duty chrome-plated brass bubbler locked to receptor, protected by a vandal resistant steel guard
  • Push button chrome-plated brass valve
  • Push button recessed in 3/8" steel plate
  • Adjustable flow regulation
  • Welded bottom plate
  • Special drain tool supplied for maintenance
  • Heavy 3/16" sheet steel arm projecting from pedestal
  • Pedestal is fabricated from 3/16" wall steel pipe
  • 18 gauge brush-finished stainless steel receptor with a vandal resistant chrome plated brass drain plug
  • Stainless steel supply fittings connected to code certified reinforced tubing
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