Space ship teen indoor play area with big slide | designer

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Code: KP22274

Size(CM): 1250*1000*450

Size(FT): 41.01*32.81*14.76

Space ship teen indoor play area with big slide | designer

Hello everyone! welcome to our awesome Space-themed indoor play area with a big slide!This “Space ship” is made of galvanized iron pipes,which are durable and sturdy .All pipes are covered with soft material to make sure the kids will not get hurt while playing.

We offer ball pit,trampoline,Triple-way slide,sandpit and some fun obstacles. I believed kids will be happy and excited to play in indoor play area like that.All decorations feature space elements,which includes rocket,galaxy, planet and astronaut,etc.make it like real universe.Now, let me guide you to play the whole indoor play area

At the entrance, there is a row of tables with shoes rack,where parents can take a break and watch their kids play inside.As we enter the playhouse ,the sandpit is just located to the right of entrance, there are various tools for kids to use.We can dig a hole or bury something, which can practice children’s creativity and manual dexterity.

The trampoline is in the bottom left corner of indoor play area, there is also a climbing wall,which is really good for kid’s physical coordination ability.Next, we enter the ball pool, which is filled with sea ball and also has a big slide. Let’s play “sea ball war”! just like “food war”Wait, you want get a slid? There is a passageway near the pool that can help you go up to second floor.

Be careful, there are some obstacles during the corridor, which block the way to the slide.You need climb over four small triangular hills, pass through a suspension bridge, and bypass few of column.only after that can you reach the slide.The corridor is also a way to third floor, you can experience the triple-way slide here, which also is two-story!

Third floor have two space capsule, are connected by transparent pipeline, kids can hide and see whole indoor play area here.

This kind of middle indoor play area is very suitable for places like McDonald’s, KFC restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, home,and nurseries.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.

Code KP22274
Dimension 1250*1000*450cm
Dimension 41.01*32.81*14.76 ft
Squre Meter 125㎡
Squre    Feet 1345ft
Capacity 42
Volume 63m³
Weight 3750KGS


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