Large teen space indoor soft play

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Code: KP-TQB200226A

Size(CM): 2250*1625*420

Size(FT): 73.82*53.31*13.78

Large teen space indoor soft play

Welcome to our amazing space-themed indoor soft play! Just imagine: a space adventure playground designed especially for kids, filled with super safe and incredibly cool stuff!

This is a space-themed, three-level, giant indoor soft play. We offer slides with varying heights and angles, lots of ocean balls, trampolines, sandpit areas, rolling cars, and many obstacles for kids to explore.

The entire background wall of the indoor soft play consists of black space, glowing planets, and some astronaut and UFO patterns. The frame is made of sturdy galvanized iron pipes. There are plenty of space-themed decorations. It’s very sci-fi!

Children’s safety is ensured with soft ground and all objects covered with soft materials. Railings are used in higher places to prevent children from falling.

In this indoor soft play, the super-high spinning barrel slide and the sand pit area with a castle are main attractions, along with the huge trampolines that will surely bring endless joy to children.

The entrance to the indoor soft play is on the right side, where there are two shoe racks. After storing shoes, you’ll see a spinning UFO with six seats. Coming to the right side of the pavilion, there’s a staircase made of circularly joined steps leading to the second-floor passage.

We’ll pass through a train carriage room here, navigate through some fun obstacles to reach the double-decker slides. These are three-person double-decker slides where kids can slide down side by side, racing each other.

Below are lots of ocean balls where we can throw them at each other, which is fun and safe! In the center of the ocean ball pit, there are three circles where kids can practice throwing skills.

Back in the second-floor passage past the double-decker slides, there’s a passage to the top and a double-person slide where kids can choose to continue upward or slide down into the ocean ball pit. But if you’re brave enough, you must go up.

At the highest point of the entire indoor soft play, you can see all the views below through the windows of this room, and next to it, there’s a super cool spinning barrel slide!

It’s called the 720° spinning barrel slide, the most thrilling and fun place in the indoor soft play! Because there are two transparent sections in the middle, you can see kids passing through from below.

Next, we come to the far left of the indoor soft play, which is the trampoline area! This area is surrounded by high railings and has two trampolines where everyone can see kids playing inside through the railing. Outside the trampoline room, there’s a row of children’s cars that kids can drive.

Exiting the trampoline area and passing the toy cars, we come to the “large cement mixer” area. A huge rolling barrel is placed on the truck. Inside is a soft material where we can roll inside, just like acrobats.

Behind this truck is the most unique area of this indoor soft play—the sandbox. In the sandbox, there’s a small castle and a wooden house. The front and sides of the castle have two slides each.

We can find all kinds of tools in the sandbox to explore and dig sand. This exercises children’s imagination and creativity. Everyone loves putting their hands into the sand!

All the decorations and designs are very sci-fi and cool, and kids will surely enjoy playing in this indoor soft play!

This kind of large indoor play center is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP-TQB200226A
Dimension 2250*1625*420cm
Dimension 73.82*53.31*13.78ft
Squre Meter 366㎡
Squre    Feet 3936ft
Capacity 122
Volume 107m³
Weight 6420KGS


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