Small commercial ice age indoor play center for preschooler

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Code: KP22081

Size(CM): 700*700*350

Size(FT): 22.97*22.97*11.48

Small commercial ice age indoor play center for preschooler

This is an indoor play center with an ice and snow theme. The main colors are blue and white. The roof is decorated with ice bricks and green grass, and there are snowmen and Santa Claus placed in it. There is a cute penguin at the entrance with the words “Welcome You” written next to it.

There is a large white shoe storage cabinet next to the entrance to store children’s shoes, and there are two rows of blue and white tables and chairs for children to rest.After entering the indoor play house, proceed from left to right.

First, go up to the second floor through the blue and white cylindrical stairs. There is a large platform here with a snow monster hanging on the wall of the platform. The platform can be used by children to overlook the entire indoor amusement park. You can also Communicate with other children on this platform. Further forward, there is a rotating slide.

Children who want to go to the first floor can take the slide down, while those who want to continue exploring have to go through a small corridor with a snow-white roof and white wings. Looking down from here, children will have the feeling of flying in the air. There are two triangular climbing slopes through the corridor, where children can exercise their climbing abilities and improve the strength of their hands and legs.

After passing the climbing slope, there is a three-person slide. Children can slide down to the ocean ball area. There are blue and white round inflatable balls in the ocean ball area. Children can not only slide up and down the slide but also play in the ocean ball area.

Use ocean balls in the area to play with other children, which can not only exercise but also improve your ability to make friends. If you don’t want to go down the three-person slide, you can go to the small corridor on the right and take the stairs down to the middle area of the indoor play house. There is a pine tree-shaped merry-go-round where children sit on various mounts and rotate slowly.

Holding and using the handrails on the high platform can well exercise their balance ability and physical coordination ability during exercise. There is a black wooden door next to it. After entering, there is a trampoline, which can exercise children’s leg muscles and improve body coordination.

There is a mini beach surrounded by blue plastic air walls on the left, with a Summer Spring sign inside. There are plastic buckets, plastic shovels, water bottles and other toys for children to use. They can rest here and use these tools to stimulate their creative spirit.

This kind of mini indoor play center is very suitable for places like McDonald’s, KFC restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, home,and nurseries.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.

Code KP22081
Dimension 700*700*350cm
Dimension 22.97*22.97*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 49㎡
Squre Feet 527ft
Capacity 16
Volume 25m³
Weight 1470KGS


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