Custom children round pretend city indoor soft playground

Original price was: $20,000.00.Current price is: $10,000.00.

Code: KP22289

Size(CM): 800*800*350

Size(FT): 26.25*26.25*11.48

Custom children round pretend city indoor soft playground

This is a small indoor soft playground, surrounded by yellow sponge walls and a row of white seats for parents to rest.

As soon as you enter the indoor soft playground, there are many small balloons on the ground and some large balloons. There is a basketball hoop above. Children can throw against the hoop. It can not only exercise but also enhance friendship. It is very interesting.

In addition, there are seesaws and trampolines in the accessories, which children can use to exercise their jumping ability and body coordination.

Children can reach the second floor through the stairs next to it. There is a single-plank bridge in the aisle, so children can improve their balance ability.

After passing the one-horse ball, you come to the landslide. Children can reach the first floor through the landslide. It is very exciting and interesting and can improve children’s self-confidence and courage.

This kind of mini indoor playground is very suitable for places like McDonald’s, KFC restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, home,and nurseries.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.

Code KP22289
Dimension 800*800*350cm
Dimension 26.25*26.25*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 64㎡
Squre Feet 689ft
Capacity 21
Volume 32m³
Weight 1920KGS

Soft Play Equipment Factory

Q: How to select a site for the children indoor playground?

A: It is usually in the shopping mall, department store, supermarket , resorts hotel and residential area. Therefore, investors are inclined to the former two sites. The main reason is great population, high profile and mature peripheral business circle; besides, the customers have high consumption ability and will spend more money on children.

Q: What size is suitable for opening one indoor playground?

A: There is not a standard size for the indoor playground, it can be just 50 square meters or more than one thousand square meter area size. In short, it depends on your local consumption level, budget, site, and other comprehensive factors.

Q: What is the process of opening an indoor playground?

A: In short, the following steps. Indoor playground market research, Find suitable site, Choose credible factory. Then design, production Shipment, installation and opening.

Q: If I want customized design, what should I provide?

A: We need your exact location size and you’d better provide CAD drawing in DWG format.


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