Outdoor playground set supplier

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Code: TQ-ZR105-1

Size(CM): 500*520*320

Size(FT): 16.40*17.06*10.50

Outdoor playground set supplier


Code TQ-ZR105-1
Dimension 500*520*320 cm
Dimension 16.40*17.06*10.50 ft
Square Meter 26㎡
Square Feet 280ft
Capacity 9
Volume 4m³
Weight 200KGS

Provided: slides, climbing tunnels, climbing poles, swings

Look, this is a set of outdoor playgrounds in the nature series. There is a big orange monkey sitting on a high branch. There is a red and yellow flower next to it. There is also a coconut tree on the other side. I wonder if there will be coconuts on it!
There is a slide here! But how do we get up? Although there is a staircase to go up, there is a challenging climbing passage on the other side! I prefer to go up from there. After reaching the second floor, there is an independent small platform. I can see the little monkey waving at me when I look up.
There is a wall on one side of the passage, but the wall can see the swing next to it through the gap! I want to slide down from the slide here and then play on the swing!
There are two swings! I can compete with my good friend to see who swings higher! This must be very interesting, come and compete with me!

This small outdoor children’s playground is perfect for family backyards, small parks, apartments, restaurant entrances, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.


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