Outdoor playground equipment

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This is an outdoor playground that combines safety, inclusivity, and creativity. Its centerpiece comprises two Chinese-style pavilions whose red tops are adorned with tile-like patterns, embodying an oriental aesthetic. These pavilions are not just visual highlights, but also central play areas for children.

Connecting the two pavilions is a bridge featuring red metal railings and a black floor. The ends of bridge wind towards the playground’s extremities and are connected to the ground via slopes. The ramp not only makes it easy for children to climb up the bridge, but also makes it easier for disabled children who use wheelchairs to enjoy the playground.

Children enter the playground from both ends of the bridge. First, they are greeted by a rectangular gate decorated with monkeys. After passing through the gate and ascending the slope, they reach the central pavilions. In addition to the slopes, there are red metal stairs and spiral stairs next to the pavilions for accessing the bridge. These stairs provide various play routes to enhance the fun element of these outdoor playground. Children can run and play on the bridge to explore different paths that connect the pavilions.

When children wish to leave the playground, several slides around the pavilions are available, including double slides, spiral slides, tunnel slides, and curved slides.

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    It is a good plalyground.

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