kids undersea world indoor playground apparatus

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Code: KP22110

Size(CM): 1250*875*350

Size(FT): 41.01*28.71*11.48

kids undersea world indoor playground apparatus

This is an indoor playground apparatus with a marine theme, and the overall color is blue. There is a row of tables and chairs at the entrance where children and parents can rest and watch their children’s activities.

As soon as you enter the indoor playground apparatus, you are first greeted by the spinning dolphin area, with blue dolphin-shaped seats. Children hold the handrails while slowly rotating, which is safe and interesting.

After playing, go to the sandpit area on the left. There is a large coconut tree in the middle. The sandpit has plastic buckets, plastic shovels, water bottles and other toys for children to use. They can rest here and use these tools to stimulate their creative spirit.

After getting out of the sand pit, go up the stairs and come to the trampoline area. There is a pirate-looking character model in front of the trampoline house, and there is a castle wall decoration above it. Children can practice their balance skills here.

Pass the trampoline and come to the second floor. There is an arch bridge with a dolphin model next to it. Children need to pass slowly to improve their courage and self-confidence.After passing the arch bridge, we came to the three-person slide, with an Ocean Star sign above it. Children can reach the ocean ball pit through the slide.

The ocean ball and slide can give full play to children’s fun. Children can not only exercise their limbs while climbing up and down the slope, but also play happily with other children in the ocean ball. Social skills.

This kind of middle indoor playground apparatus is very suitable for kindergarten, schools, supermarket, daycare and nursery, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP22110
Dimension 1250*875*350cm
Dimension 41.01*28.71*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 109㎡
Squre    Feet 1177ft
Capacity 36
Volume 55m³
Weight 3281KGS


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