Kids Outdoor Play Area

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Code: TQ-ZR160
Dimension: 680*320*420 CM/ 22.31*10.50*13.78 FT
Square: 22M² 234 FT²

kids Outdoor play area

Offers: single slide, double slide, dinosaur stairs.

Dinosaurs are coming! This kids Outdoor play area of ​​the nature series actually has a huge yellow dinosaur as a staircase. It’s so cool, we can even see its eyes looking at us. Standing on its back and looking up, there is a green dome, a green book and a big yellow sunflower! It’s like being in a natural forest.
When I came to the platform, I found that I could observe the surrounding environment well here, because two walls were made of openable windows. Two other walls were made of transparent materials, so we could clearly see that the friends around us were having a lot of fun.
Next, let’s use the slide! There are two slides, I can use the double slide with my partner or the wavy single slide by myself. Both are fun!

Code TQ-ZR160
Dimension 680*320*420cm
Dimension 22.31*10.50*13.78 ft
Square Meter 22㎡
Square Feet 234ft
Capacity 7
Volume 10m³
Weight 491KGS



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