Large funny rainbow themed kids indoor soft playset with ball pit

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Code: 0925

Size(CM): 2125*1125*360

Size(FT): 69.72*36.91*11.81

Large funny rainbow themed kids indoor soft playset with ball pit

This is a large indoor soft playset with a rainbow theme. It is colorful and beautiful. The most distinctive facility in the entire indoor soft playset is the ball pit.

When you enter the indoor soft playset, the first thing you see is a rotating turntable. There are also many rocking horses and toy cars next to it for children to play with. Children can exercise their riding ability and body balance here.

Come to the house on the left, there are many balloons for children to play with. Children can use these balloons to exercise their physical fitness.

Then come to the second floor, where there are many play facilities waiting for children to challenge. First, come to the balance beam, which children can use to exercise their balance ability.

Then you can choose to play on the crawling pipe or the single-plank bridge. If you choose to crawl on the pipe, you will come to the climbing wall after passing it. Children can exercise their limb strength and body coordination here.

Choose to cross the single-plank bridge to exercise your body balance. Finally, come to the slide, where children can play up and down repeatedly to improve their physical fitness and endurance. You can also choose to slide to the first floor and come to the ball pit.

There are many small balls in the ball pit, and a basketball hoop. Children can roll happily in it, or throw the small balls into the basketball hoop to exercise their physical fitness.

This kind of large indoor play center is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code 0925
Dimension 2125*1125*360cm
Dimension 69.72*36.91*11.81 ft
Squre Meter 239㎡
Squre Feet 2573ft
Capacity 60
Volume 120m³
Weight 5997KGS



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