Commercial kids my town indoor play system, video projector

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Code: KP22080

Size(CM): 1320*600*350

Size(FT): 43.31*19.69*11.48

Commercial kids my town indoor play system, video projector

This is a medium-sized indoor play system. There are two shoe cabinets at the entrance to store shoes, and two rows of seats next to it for resting. The more distinctive items are the ball pit and slide on the right side of the indoor play system.
As soon as you enter the indoor play system, the first thing you see is the rocking horse and seesaw. Children can play on the pony or seesaw and exercise their balance ability.
After playing, go to the red cabin. There is a trampoline where children can exercise their balance and physical coordination. You can then take the stairs on the left to the second floor corridor.
There are many interesting projects in this corridor for children to explore and play, such as single-plank bridges, balance beams, obstacle blocks, etc. Children can reach the slide through these projects, which can enhance children’s courage and self-confidence.
When you come to the slide, there are three slides here, you can choose freely. After sliding down, you can continue to play through the stairs on the right.
Go through the slide to reach the ball pit. There are many small balls and some big balls here. Children can either throw small balls or lie down in the ball pit to play freely.
If you are tired from playing, there is a projector in the ball pit that can show videos for children to watch. It’s both a great break and a lot of fun.

This kind of middle indoor playground is very suitable for kindergarten, schools, supermarket, daycare and nursery, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP22080
Dimension 1320*600*350cm
Dimension 43.31*19.69*11.48 ft
Squre Meter 79㎡
Squre Feet 853ft
Capacity 26
Volume 40m³
Weight 2376KGS


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