Teenager treehouse indoor play center & trampoline park

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Code: KP22365

Size(CM): 4400*2500*420

Size(FT): 144.36*82.02*13.78

Code KP22365
Dimension 4400*2500*420cm
Dimension 144.36*82.02*13.78 ft
Squre Meter 1100㎡
Squre Feet 11840ft
Capacity 367
Volume 550m³
Weight 33000KGS

Teenager treehouse indoor play center & trampoline park

This is a massive treehouse indoor play center incorporated a trampoline park. A volcano tunnel slide and a small pretend city are its distinctive areas.

The forest indoor play center is covered with green artificial turf and adorned with huge forest-style backgrounds. The first thing you see at the entrance is a gigantic four-story building made of green foam-wrapped galvanized poles and safety nets. A soft rainbow staircase with a semi-circular steps takes you to the top of the indoor play center—the fourth floor. Here, you will see a frame roof covered with green ivy and two giant palm leaves. Below two rows of candy-styled punching bags is a triple wavy slide from the fourth floor to the first floor. The wave design not only reduces the impact of a long-distance slide but also adds fun during the bumpy slide.

Behind the T-rex head in the 4th floor is a curved rope net tunnel connecting to the third floor. You can also reach the spacious third floor of the indoor play center via the rainbow staircase. Here, there are boxing bags with yellow and purple stripes, a V rope bridge, and soft columns placed diagonally as obstructions. Two extending yellow balconies allow you to overlook the entire children’s indoor play ground. The pitched roof with a tiles pattern and double windows, climbing ivy, and giant leaves also highlight the treehouse theme of the indoor playground. A winding tunnel slide extends from the third floor to the first floor and kids will emerge from the python’s gaping mouth (the slide’s exit) into the ball pool. They can also choose to reach the ball pool or the second floor via the fan-shaped staircase. The dry ski slope from the second floor to the ball pool is another thrilling attraction. This 80 square meter ball pool is filled with soft balls of various colors and three hopper balls with a 60 cm diameter. The air cannons for ball launch are another interesting toy for kids and teenagers.

Passing through the train tunnel, you arrive at a unique place in this indoor play center—the volcano slide. Hot lava continuously pours out from the volcano crater (pattern). You can slide to the first floor through the tunnel slide, then grab the climbing ropes back to the mountain peak (slide entrance) again. The second floor is also worth exploring for children, as it connects to two spider web towers. After overcoming the W-shaped rope net and triangular prism tunnel, you will arrive at a yellow three-story high funnel climbing rope tower. Climbing to the top or passing through the rope net tunnel to a two-story high tree climbing rope tower are both good choices. After leaving the rope tower, you will discover a two-story-high beehive. Each room is a regular hexagonal tunnel.

To the right of the indoor play center entrance is a pretend city with roads and some traffic signs. Children drive electric toy cars along the circular road to learn traffic rules and recognize traffic symbols. On the far right of the indoor playground is a treehouse mini play area suitable for preschooler. This includes a kids manual roundabout, a 1.2-meter-high slide, and a 6 square meter ball pool.

On the left side of the indoor play center is a large trampoline park. The largest area, with thirteen trampolines, is purple. The orange area includes four trampolines, a jumping platform, and a pit with foam cubes. Here, you can dive into the foam pit like a diver with help of the trampolines. The green area has two trampolines and two basketball hoops. This is the best area to fulfill your dunking dreams.

The middle area of the trampoline park includes a truss with a ninja training course. Climbing ropes, a cargo net for climbing, long punching bags, and nets filled with foam cubes are great equipment for children and teenagers to train their strength, balance, and courage. The foam pit under ground provides a cushion for children when they fall.

This kind of super large indoor play center with trampoline park is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.



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