kids rainforest indoor soft play equipment with big ball pit

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Code: KP22317

Size(CM): 750*750*280

Size(FT): 24.61*24.61*9.19

kids rainforest indoor soft play equipment with big ball pit

This is a small indoor soft play equipment with an orange and yellow theme. It consists of a two-story structure and a ball pool, and the spare space occupies a very small area. The two-story structure is made of orange galvanized iron poles and yellow safety net. The walls and roof are adorned with tiger and lion patterns. The sides and top of the structure are covered with plastic vines. Yellow and green foam boards are alternately laid on the ground to highlight the rainforest theme.

Upon entering this small indoor soft play equipment, the first thing you see is a rectangular ball pool occupying a large part of the area, filled with white, yellow, and orange balls. Inside the ball pool, there are several orange and light blue space balls and a blue and white inflatable rocking horse. In the middle, there is a hexagonal column that can shoot soft balls upwards.

Next to the entrance, there is a small house with a trampoline. An abstract image of a cute cat is carved above the arch. The combination of a trampoline and a basketball hoop is its most distinctive feature. With the power of the trampoline, you can complete dunks like Jordan.

You need to enter the ball pool and ascend to the second floor along an orange slope embedded with yellow and purple beetles. You must sequentially overcome a grid-woven straight tunnel, blue and yellow triangular cones, and candy-style punching boxes to reach the slide. Here, you and your companion slide down the double slide back into the ball pool. On the first floor of the building, there is also a bench swing set that can accommodate two people.

This kind of mini indoor soft play equipment is very suitable for McDonald’s and KFC restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, nurseries, families and other places.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor play ground equipment.

Code KP22317
Dimension 750*750*280cm
Dimension 24.61*24.61*9.19 ft
Squre Meter 56㎡
Squre Feet 605ft
Capacity 19
Volume 28m³
Weight 1688KGS


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