My town indoor play center: trampoline, sandbox, ball pit

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Code: KP22225

Size(CM): 2500*1875*320

Size(FT): 82.02*61.52*10.50

My town indoor play center: trampoline, sandbox, ball pit

This is a large indoor play center. The most interesting item in the entire indoor play center is the ball pit in the middle. There are two rows of shoe cabinets at the entrance to store children’s shoes.
As soon as you enter the indoor play center, the first thing you see is a carousel with a piggy seat model. There are also many rocking horses and toy cars for children to play with. Children can exercise their riding and body balance skills here.
There is a sandpit next to it. There are many tools in the sandpit such as toy shovels, plastic buckets, etc. for children to use. Children can use their imagination to create things they like. There is also a slide next to it for play. Not only is it fun but it also exercises your brain.
Come to the right side of the indoor play center. There is a trampoline area surrounded by a safety net. Children can play safely in it and exercise their jumping ability and body coordination.
There are also many simulated occupation cabins nearby, where children can play related occupations, learn relevant knowledge and improve their practical abilities.
After playing, go through the stairs to reach the second floor. When the children come to the landslide, they can choose to go through the landslide to reach the ball pit on the first floor. This ball pit has many small balls for children to play with, and children can use it to interact with other children. Throwing and seesawing can be played with other children, which can not only enhance friendship but also exercise.
There is also a projector in the ball pit. If the children are tired from playing, they can sit in the ball pit and watch videos. Interesting knowledge will be played in the videos. Children can rest and learn at the same time, which is a great choice.
You can also continue to explore forward. There are tunnels and single-plank bridges in front of you to play on, which is very interesting. Then you come to a platform where children can rest and observe the entire indoor play center. It is both a rest and very interesting place.

This kind of large indoor play center is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP22225
Dimension 2500*1875*320cm
Dimension 82.02*61.52*10.50 ft
Squre Meter 469㎡
Squre Feet 5046ft
Capacity 156
Volume 234m³
Weight 14063KGS

 very big purple pink ball pool in My town indoor play center sandbox, police station, hospital in My town indoor play center trampoline and resting room in My town indoor play center


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