kids Jurassic Park indoor playground equipment designer

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Code: KP22062

Size(CM): 1100*500*300

Size(FT): 36.09*16.40*9.84

kids Jurassic Park indoor playground equipment designer

This is a small children’s indoor playground equipment with a dinosaur forest theme. Its most notable feature is a mini trampoline park.

Directly to the right of the entrance, you can enter the mini trampoline park. It has three trampolines and a foam pit filled with red and yellow foam cubes. The trampoline park is enclosed by 2.8-meter high galvanized steel tubes and safety nets to ensure the children safe. The green soft ground, ferns and vines on the roof, and green and orange Tyrannosaurus rex images on the safety nets all highlight the Jurassic and forest theme.

The left side of this indoor playground equipment is a two-story indoor children’s play structure. Children can ascend to the second floor via a slope adorned with heart and beetle patterns (in yellow and white). Next to the candy cane-style punching bags is a red double slide that leads to the ball pool. Beside the double slide, there’s a basketball hoop where children can practice shooting.

On the second floor, there’s also a V-shaped bridge made of an orange frame and green safety nets. Like the trampoline park, the two-story structure is also fitted with plants and green artificial leaves. Dinosaur patterns include a khaki Stegosaurus and a red and yellow Stegosaurus on the first floor, and a red flying Pterosaur on the second floor.


This kind of mini indoor playground equipment is very suitable for McDonald’s and KFC restaurants, supermarkets, kindergartens, nurseries, daycare, families and other places.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese supplier specializing in kids indoor playground equipment.

Code KP22062
Dimension 1100*500*300cm
Dimension 36.09*16.40*9.84 ft
Squre Meter 55㎡
Squre Feet 592ft
Capacity 18
Volume 28m³
Weight 1650KGS


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