Fantastic children ocean & sea indoor soft play

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Code: KP22321

Size(CM): 1500*875*320

Size(FT): 49.21*28.71*10.50

Fantastic children ocean & sea indoor soft play

This is an indoor soft play with an ocean theme. The color of the entire indoor soft play is mainly blue. The floor wallpaper is sea water, and the walls are dolphins and seagulls flying in the air.

From a distance, it feels like you are at the seaside.First of all, when children enter the blue ocean-style door, they are greeted by rows of yellow and white seats and stools. Children can rest here when they are tired from playing. During the rest, they can get to know each other and grow up with other children friendship.

On the right side of the seat is a white stage, which provides a place for children to perform. This stage can not only exercise their own abilities but also improve their self-confidence.If the children want to play quietly alone, there is also a green and orange hut nearby to avoid being disturbed by others.

Continuing forward, there is a marine botanical garden surrounded by colorful bricks. There is a rocking horse nearby for children to play, which can exercise children’s riding skills.

The children walked past the plant garden and walked forward to the Rainbow Staircase. The children walked forward to the Rainbow Staircase. This is a trampoline house with a large lobster decoration on it.Children can practice their balance on the trampoline.After playing, go to the small corridor, which is decorated with cute herrings and octopuses.

There is a balance beam facility in the small corridor. Children can exercise their balance ability, and can also communicate happily with the children below through the windows of the small corridor, or enjoy the whole scene here. indoor soft play.

Through the small corridor, you will come to the three-person slide with a cute blue whale decorated next to it. Children can reach the ocean ball pit through the slide.

The ocean ball and slide can give full play to the fun of children. Children can not only slide up and down the slide You can exercise your courage and play happily with other friends in the ocean ball to increase mutual friendship.

If the children are a little tired from playing, there is also a projector nearby that can play ocean knowledge, allowing the children to learn knowledge and increase friendship with their partners during the break.

This kind of middle indoor soft play is very suitable for kindergarten, schools, supermarket, daycare and nursery, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP22321
Dimension 1500*875*320cm
Dimension 49.21*28.71*10.50 ft
Squre Meter 131㎡
Squre    Feet 1413ft
Capacity 44
Volume 66m³
Weight 3938KGS


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