Space base & dinosaur skeleton indoor play structure

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Code: KP22222

Size(CM): 2500*1500*420

Size(FT): 82.02*49.21*13.78

Space base & dinosaur skeleton indoor play structure

Attention please, safe and sturdy, full of fun, unprecedented, welcome to the wonderful Space Indoor Play Structure, an adventure park specially designed for children!Jurassic Park, rocket, flying saucer, aliens, radar. Here is full of super cool items, extremely interesting attractions.

Carousel, slide, two-story slide, trampoline, sandpit, rocking horse, ride-on car, etc. All the attractions that can make children go crazy are here!Among them, the super large Jurassic sandpit is the main attraction of the entire indoor play structure, followed by the trampoline and ball pit.

The sturdy frame is made of galvanized iron pipes, with a blue color scheme. The exterior is decorated with buttons, UFOs, rockets, Space helmets, Laser blasters, etc.Children’s safety is ensured because we cover the ground and all surfaces with soft materials. Railings are installed in higher areas to prevent falls.

Let me show you the details of the indoor play structure.We set a whole row of seats at the entrance, convenient for parents to rest, and also can see their children playing through the window.

Through the entrance, there is a small area for placing shoes, and also can store some miscellaneous items. Make sure to take off your shoes before entering the park!Next to the entrance is the kinetic sand play area. There are two rainbow-colored tables ,which is filled with interesting kinetic sand.

There are also some rocking horses nearby waiting for children to ride. Next to this area is a flying saucer-shaped carousel, with six seats for children to use.We can see that there are two paths on the ground centered around the carousel, one leading to the trampoline and the other to the sandpit. Let’s start with the trampoline, which has a total of three.

The rectangular one is the main trampoline, with a wall placed next to it, which is a wall covered in Velcro. Children wear “space suits” and jump onto the wall, sticking firmly to it!

The other two shaped like orange slices are also trampolines. The ball pit is next to the trampoline. We enter the ball pit through the ladder, which is filled with ocean balls. Also there is a banana boat drifting in the “ocean”.

By the way, we highly recommend you try our Interactive Projection Game, which is installed in the middle of the ball pit. Children can interact with the game by throwing balls.

The entrance to the second floor is on the left side of the ball pit. Children need to climb three stairs to reach the two-story slide. Or you can just proceed to the end of the corridor if you are interested in riding the large slide.

There is a long tunnel on the second floor, leading all the way to the far right of the entire indoor play structure, where there is a two-story house, lots of machinery and obstacles here.

The first floor has some interesting toys.Returning from the house to the ground, you can see our “Jurassic Park”! A huge dinosaur skeleton covers the top, and there is a pterodactyl spreading its wings on the wooden stake!

Various tools are placed in the sandpit, where we can dig holes, build castles, and search for treasure in the treasure chest! Without a doubt, this is the most interesting and worth-seeing spot in the entire indoor play structure!If you are exhausted, next to the sandpit is a resting area, where there is a room made of dinosaur eggs, and two game tables.

This kind of large indoor play structure is very suitable for shopping malls, indoor stadiums, supermarkets, amusement parks, etc.
Age Range: 3-12 years old
Kidsplayplay® is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in children’s playground equipment.

Code KP22222
Dimension 2500*1500*420cm
Dimension 82.02*49.21*13.78 ft
Squre Meter 375㎡
Squre    Feet 4036ft
Capacity 125
Volume 188m³
Weight 11250KGS


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